Is your venue and Purezza a perfect match?

Purezza water solutions are tailored to different venues, with sizes and budget to suit most businesses. Our powerful countertop or under-bench options and variety of uses ensure your venues can take advantage of our sustainable drinking water solutions!

Purezza Petalosa bottle

Restaurants and cafes

Purezza offers efficient water purifying solutions tailored for all types of cafés and restaurants, catering exclusively to the HoReCa industry and their specific and unique needs.

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Horels, conferences and function centres

Hotels, conferences and function centres

Your customers won't go thirsty with a variety of solutions for high flow and high capacity catering in hotels, conferences and functions centres.

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Bars and clubs

Bars and clubs

Purezza is so versatile, with the ability to create on-demand still or sparkling water at room temperature or chilled. You can use it to create a signature mocktail, cocktail or other specialty drink to suit your bar or clubs patronage.

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The Purezza difference


The cost of city water is all but free, and the cost of CO2 is inexpensive. Conversely, the cost of pre-packaged bottled sparkling and still water is comparatively hifg. Further, bottled water is paid for on a "per unit" basis, whereas the Purezza offering comes at a flat, fixed price. Therefore, significant cost savings can be made for medium to high users of sparkling water.


Purezza can be sold to the consumer "by the bottle", "per head cover charge", "per table cover charge", or as a premium offering as part of a function beverage package.


Due to the low cost of each dispense, Purezza is a very versatile offering. It can be used as a base for a never-ending array of flavoured drinks, simply by adding fruit syrups, fruit juices, real fruit and fresh ingredients, mixers, ice tea syrrups, and so on. The versatility of Purezza increases the revenue opportunity, even for small venues that are not high users of sparkling water.


Join the sustainable global movement and embrace on-demand filtered tap water today!

Purezza has partnered with many popular venues who are embracing their sustainable water solution in Singapore and across the world.

Catering exclusively to the HoReCa sector. we help venues save money and embrace environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices.

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